September 20, 2018 2:36 PMLONDON (REUTERS) – Luxury British carmaker Aston Martin said on Thursday (Sept 20) it was seeking a valuation of up to £5.07 billion (S$9.12 billion) as it set a price range of £17.50 to £22.50 per share for its stock market flotation.
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Moving the regional headquarters to continental Europe will also help Panasonic avoid any barriers to the flow of people and goods, Laurent Abadie, chief executive officer of Panasonic Europe, told Nikkei.Of the employees based out of London office, 10 to 20 engaged in auditing and financial operations will be moved to the Netherlands, with only investor relations staff staying, the Nikkei report said.

Source: Japan’s Panasonic to move European headquarters to Amsterdam in October: Nikkei | Reuters

LONDON: Britain said on Wednesday it would start work on an alternative satellite system to the European Union’s Galileo project to ensure its national security if it is barred from equal access to the EU programme after Brexit.

The British government, which still wants to remain involved in …
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As it turns out, diamonds in the Earth are much more common than we thought. About 1,000 times more common, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A new study by an interdisciplinary team of researchers used seismic technology (the same kind used to measure earthquakes) to estimate that a quadrillion tons of diamonds lie deep below the Earth’s surface. That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 — or one thousand times more than one trillion.

Source: There’s over a quadrillion tons of diamonds below Earth’s surface, scientists estimate – CNN Style