Want to work at a bank? First you have to let them read your mind. No, seriously. And no it’s not some children’s magician who’ll be interviewing you.At career fairs and on university campuses all around the UK as part of its graduate hiring scheme, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, one of the UK’s largest banking groups, has been strapping Brain Computer Interface (BCI) devices – AKA skull caps – to the heads of potential candidates, to measure their brain activity and attention spans.While this might sound benign, quirky even, the use of BCI technology in interviews, particularly in light of the fact that companies can now use these devices to pull people’s darkest secrets from their heads, as well as uniquely identify them, should raise a whole host of privacy concerns for regulators, as well as the individuals and companies involved.

Source: Banks are using mind reading technology to interview graduates | Global Futurist by Matthew Griffin

When you consider your career, the things that you think hurt your career typically only create short term pain. That is, you might have made a mistake in your job or upset someone while getting things done. These issues will eventually go away, especially once you have addressed what went wrong in the first place. However, these are “job” based mistakes. The decisions we make when it comes to a career are different. They have longer term impact, and often don’t hurt us now but are really noticed when we a

Source: 13 decisions hurting your career | Brad Eisenhuth | Pulse | LinkedIn