One of the most important tasks within Human Resources Management is to select the right candidates.

When I write the right candidates, I mean related to a given job.

We all know that for a candidate to get success in a job, we must ensure that the candidate matches:

  • the company’s culture;
  • the manager;
  • the team and, of course;
  • the candidate must be able to solve the tasks.

We describe the concept of talent as:

  • Work experience
  • Theoretical background
  • Professionalism
  • Intelligence (relevant)
  • Adaptation ability
  • Absorption
  • Competencies
  • Skills
  • Behavior
  • Engagement
  • Aptitudes

I would like to ask you:

Which 5-7 competencies and which 1-3 skills do you think/suggest a candidate for a position as HR Manager should hold?

Within psychology, we distinguish between competencies and abilities. Competence is something you can learn, and an ability is something you are innate. For example, structured an ability, creativity is an ability, empathy is an ability.
(This does not mean that an ability can not be enhanced by training).

You can either simply enroll the individual competencies or abilities, or you can describe the individual chosen competencies or abilities.

“The Chinese government supports Chinese companies in going global. But we believe that this process should be market-oriented, with companies being the main driver”.

— Xi Jinping