Private documents

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Here is access to several documents that we ask for during the recruitment process. Here’s what the allocation contains:

1. Passport

Documentation of identity.

2. Visa

Copy of some of the visa I have got related to my work in Asia. Included are some of them from the period 2011 – 2017. (Passport 2).

3. References

Over the years I have received several written recommendations, you can see here.

4. Curriculum Vitae

Latest Curriculum Vitae and presentation.

5. Psychology test and analysis

One MBTI and one JTI Analyses. Results: ENTJ.

6. Travel insurance

My travel insurance, copy of it. I will cover the first days before start working. Covers out travel to work.

7. Criminal Record

The two “clean” criminal records are from the Danish Police. (Danish and English). And as you will see the files a clean.

8. Reference Phone List

Tell me when you want to take oral recommendations, then I make a reference list, the list will include direct telephone numbers and emails.

9. Salary analyse – Christian Hoffeldt

I’ve made my salary statistic. Password is normally sent by Skype.
This analysis is made on some actual contracts and the salaries are based on some statistics we work together with 16 companies who report the figures to a consultancy company. Previously, we got the numbers from headhunters in each country, but they often hit wrong, and often they don’t include benefit.

11. Photo

Photo in pas and visa size.

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In accordance with applicable law defined by The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Danish Data Protection Agency, the consent of the candidate must be given to you for the storage and archiving of my data and this consent/approval is hereby given in writing. 

If you have not already received a password, please write to get it.

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