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Date/time: 12th March 2019, 00:03

PayPal isn’t quite done kicking problematic accounts off its platform.
The far-right group known as the Proud Boys and its founder, Gavin McInnes, just had their PayPal accounts cancelled today, Mashable can confirm.
Just 24 hours ago, the online payment processor banned the former leader of the anti-Muslim group English Defence League (EDL), UK far-right provocateur Tommy Robinson from using its platform to raise funds.
Proud Boys and McInnes — also a co-founder of Vice and far-right provocateur right here in the U.S. — are no strangers to being banned from online platforms.
Over the summer, both McInnes and his group found their accounts suspended from Twitter. Just last month, Facebook followed suit, closing their pages and banning them from the platform. Twitter cited a violation of its “policy prohibiting violent extremist groups” whereas Facebook deemed the group a “hate organization” when explaining the reason for the bans. Read more…More about Paypal, Antifa, Gavin Mcinnes, Proud Boys, and Tech
Date/time: 10th November 2018, 06:01