If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s this: we love us some sticky notes.
There’s almost nothing a sticky note can’t do. Need to make a short to-do list? Grab a sticky note! Need a daily reminder that you’re a badass human being who can do anything? Write a motivational quote on a sticky note and put it on your mirror! Lost a bookmark? A sticky note can keep your place in a book! Want to make sure no one steals your lunch from the office pantry? Write your name on a sticky note and place it atop your shrimp fried rice!
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Then again, we’re also living in a world of declining paper use, resulting in tech companies creating sticky note widget apps to replace the tiny paper squares we cherish. But digital stickies don’t quite cut it, do they? Read more…More about Home, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Stackcommerce, Consumer Tech, and Tech

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Date/time: 13th November 2018, 21:01

Scientists agree the sun will die in approximately 10 billion years, but they weren’t sure what would happen next…until now. Astronomers predict it will turn into a massive ring of luminous, interstellar gas and dust, known as a planetary nebula.
Source – Author: Sciencedaily
Date/time: 8th May 2018, 00:04