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Allowing menstrual leave in the workplace has always been a debatable topic in companies around the globe. It also becomes a hot issue among both women and men because period leaves can be seen as another sign of unfairness –  given that women would be granted with more paid leave than men. So, how should […]
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Date: 11th September 2019 at 18:04
Author: hrinasia – Renny


Non-invasive electrostimulation restores working memory in 70-year-olds, allowing for comparable to cognitive abilities to those of 20-year-olds. The technology increases neural synchronization patterns and information flow between frontotemporal regions of the brain. This results in rapid improvements of working memory in older people, which lasted for more than 50 minutes post stimulation. The findings offer new hope to those suffering age-related memory impairments.
Author: neurosciencenews – robotics
Date/time: 10th April 2019, 03:07

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