The Holmes Report and NowGoCreate are launching the second edition of their landmark survey into creativity in the PR industry.Conducted in association with Hill +Knowlton Strategies, the Creativity In PR study seeks to analyze the PR industry’s efforts to develop breakthrough ideas as clients increasingly turn to them to drive brand-building efforts. The survey is powered by Newlio.

Source: Is The PR Industry Creative Enough? Let Us Know

The Global Creativity Index (GCI) presented by Martin Prosperity Institute is a broad-based measure for advanced economic growth and sustainable prosperity based on the three T’s of economic development – talent, technology and tolerance.Countries that receive high scores on the GCI generally have higher levels of entrepreneurship, competitiveness, productivity (measured as economic output per person) and are more closely connected to urbanisation.

Source: Denmark no. 1 in Europe in Global Creativity Index 2015 – Invest in Denmark

One of the best ways to answer this fascinating question is to read great writers writing about other great writers and thus describing the creative act. In the historical novel, written about a great writer, we have two writers engaged in the creative act: the writer who is the subject of the study and the author him or herself. In the difference between the two actors here: the author of the book and the author who is the character in the book, we can learn a great deal about the creative process.

Source: What Happens in the Creative Act? | Psychology Today