Every employee deserves to be treated equally and decently by employers. Manpower Act law no.13 of 2004 on article 5 and 6 cited that “Every worker has equal opportunity without any discrimination to get an employment. And every worker/labour has the right to equal treatment without any discrimination from the employers.” In other words, ensuring […]
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Date: 16th July 2019 at 15:03
Author: hrinasia – Renny

A talent shortage, demanding employers, picky applicants and difficulty recruiting outside Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital and largest city, are among the hurdles recruiters face in this country just south of Russia and north of Iran.
Author: SHRM Global
Date/time: 9th July 2019, 06:03

Out of 39 percent of respondents who plan to change employers this year, 40 percent cited ‘limited career path’ as the key reason. Randstad today released the findings of its annual Employer Brand Research in Singapore. Commissioned by Randstad, the independent global study is the most representative employer brand research that explores the factors that […]
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Date: 19th June 2019 at 18:03
Author: hrinasia – HR ASIA