SHRM Article ImageIt’s a challenge to work with people — peers, junior colleagues, or even bosses — who just don’t listen.

Whether your colleagues interrupt you, ramble on, seem distracted, or are always waiting for their turn to talk, the impact is the same: You don’t feel heard, and the chances for misunderstandings — and mistakes — rise. Are there tactics you can use to encourage your colleagues to listen better? Should you talk to them about their poor listening skills? What’s the best way to deliver the message?

SHRM Article ImageOne of the biggest changes taking place in HR is how much the role of data is growing. Data are publicly available about an organization’s employment brand. Companies publicize data about diversity. And we in HR have vast amounts of data.

SHRM Article ImageAn annual performance discussion is kind of like waiting a year to tell your spouse what you appreciate about him or waiting until the start of the next school year to offer suggestions to your teenagers on study techniques that could help them be more effective. It just doesn’t work in a fast-paced environment where agility, retention and engagement are key to a competitive advantage.