Yes, we know that Apple’s new iPad Pro has more than 90 magnets (which is why you can stick it to your fridge, if you like), but knowing is one thing, and seeing it with your own eyes is another. 
Luckily, the good people at iFixit have fought through gobs of glue to fully tear down the 11-inch version of the Pro, so we don’t have to do it ourselves. 
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Generally, Apple’s new iPad Pro is not a device you want to repair yourself. In fact, even specialists will have a hard time doing it, especially if they try to replace the speakers, which according to iFixit are incredibly hard to remove. At least the new USB-C port, which replaced Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, is modular and easy to replace.  Read more…More about Apple, Ipad Pro, Teardown, Tech, and Big Tech Companies

Date/time: 13th November 2018, 00:11