“Tear is, sometimes, seen as a healing process. There is a moment when you are angry, frustrated, stress, or sad – your eyes become teary. Then, you call all the sad moment you have and tears are flowing like a river. After a while, you reach the last stage of healing process, calming yourself down.” […]
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Date: 29th April 2019 at 21:02
Author: hrinasia – HR ASIA

I could be anywhere in the world, but the moment I hear a song from Neko Case’s “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood,” I’m transported back to my friend’s single bed in northern France. The year is 2009, my Erasmus year, and I’m a teaching assistant in a suburban secondary school.
There, I would spend my evenings drinking €3 red wine and listening to the iTunes library of a new American friend (and now, best friend) named Shannon who also happened to be teaching English in the same sleepy French town. It was there, during this year of instructing teenagers how to conjugate, that I realised how intensely personal our relationship with music can be. That’s why, nine years on, I decided I would go to see Neko Case on my own during her European tour.  Read more…More about Music, Opinion, Concert, Gig, and Culture

Author: mashable.com/science
Date/time: 13th November 2018, 18:02

The moment magnitude (Mw) 5.5 earthquake that struck South Korea in November 2017 was one of the largest and most damaging events in that country over the past century. Its proximity to an enhanced geothermal system site, where high-pressure hydraulic injection had been performed during the previous 2 years, raises the possibility that this earthquake was anthropogenic. We have combined seismological and geodetic analyses to characterize the mainshock and its largest aftershocks, constrain the geometry of this seismic sequence, and shed light on its causal factors. According to our analysis, it seems plausible that the occurrence of this earthquake was influenced by the aforementioned industrial activities. Finally, we found that the earthquake transferred static stress to larger nearby faults, potentially increasing the seismic hazard in the area.
Source – Author: sciencemag.org
Date/time: 1st June 2018, 06:03