The Orion MultiPurpose Crew Vehicle is designed to take America back to the Moon, and possibly further. It is being built by NASA and the ESA at a total projected cost of more than $20 billion.  Some personal news: I’ve been chosen as Commander of the Orion MPCV for a lunar transport mission named Rising Star. You’re welcome, Earth. But as I go through the pre-flight checklist in the vertically-aligned capsule, feeling the tug of gravity at my back and tapping on the flatscreens and keypads above me, struggling to locate the NH3 SYS button on Coolant Loop 2 on panel F1 in the allotted time, I am forced to admit: I’m not doing the best job of it.  Read more…More about Space, Nasa, Space Exploration, Science, and Space
Date/time: 13th November 2018, 21:01