It’s arguably the biggest week of the year for the ad business (and many others of course) with a crucial Parliamentary vote on Theresa May’s Brexit plan due tomorrow (Tuesday) although it’s this column’s view that the Government may yet find a way of kicking the issue into touch by somehow delaying the vote until …
Date/time: 10th December 2018, 21:01

Some human brains are nearly twice the size of others — but how might that matter? Researcher have discovered that these differences in size are related to the brain’s shape and the way it is organized. The bigger the brain, the more its additional area is accounted for by growth in thinking areas of the cortex, or outer mantle — at the expense of relatively slower growth in lower emotional, sensory, and motor areas.
Source – Author: Sciencedaily
Date/time: 1st June 2018, 09:03