CV Library reveals that the period between July and August 2015 has seen a dramatic decrease of 24.2% in the number of manufacturing jobs!

Furthermore, the nation as a whole saw jobs decline by 2.9% last month, meaning that the decline experienced in the manufacturing sector was 716.5% greater than the national average, indicating that China’s slowdown is having a significant impact on a previously stable industry. In addition, when comparing last month’s manufacturing jobs deficit to the same time period in 2014, figures reveal a year-on-year decrease of 222%, confirming that levels are unusually low for the time of year. Other key findings in the manufacturing sector revealed: The number of job applications decreased by 10.75% last month, compared to July 2015 CVs registered in August 2015 also decreased by 16.71% compared to the previous month. Surprisingly, average salaries in the sector rose by 2.61% last month, compared to July 2015

Source: Chinese Slowdown Slashes UK Manufacturing Jobs