If you’re excited about the prospect of buying a smartphone that folds, better start saving now. 
According to a report from Yonhap News Agency (via The Verge), Samsung’s foldable phone, recently teased at a company event, will cost around 2 million won or $1,770. 
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That price is a fair bit higher even than the price of the most expensive iPhone XS Max variant you can buy, which costs $1,449. 
The report claims Samsung’s phone will be called Galaxy F and should arrive in March 2019, shortly after the February launch of the Galaxy S10. Samsung’s head of mobile DJ Koh previously said the phone should arrive in the first part of 2019.  Read more…More about Samsung, Foldable Phone, Galaxy F, Samsung Galaxy F, and Tech
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This week, Samsung previewed an early version of its highly anticipated foldable smartphone. And Royole, a Chinese company, launched its own take on the concept just days before. Other manufacturers, including Huawei, are rumored to be joining the fray next year too.
But let me tell you before you get too attached to these products: You probably won’t be buying one. Foldable phones are a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, and — from what I’ve seen so far — a clunky one. They will dominate the headlines next year and perhaps the year after that, and then they’ll go the way of 3D televisions and portable VR.  Read more…More about Samsung, Foldable Phones, Tech, Smartphones, and Big Tech Companies
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SINGAPORE: Chinese smartphone maker Vivo on Wednesday (May 2) launched the X21, its flagship smartphone with the highly anticipated in-display fingerprint sensor technology. 

Singapore will be the first in Southeast Asia to sell the Android smartphone. It will retail at S$799 (without contract) …
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