Through 2030, fast growing markets — led by key Asia economies — will account for nearly 80% of global GDP growth, but Asia’s talent market realities make realizing the region’s growth potential more difficult than many organizations think. CEB has identified three key HR risks to growth in Asia: rising cost and competitive pressures, talent scarcity, and leadership productivity and retention risks.

Source: The Realities of Asia’s Talent Market | CEB

When Jane heard about Facebook, she had been retired for close to a decade. Although she enjoys the slower pace of life following an active career, she feels a bit disconnected and often uses Facebook to reconnect with her work friends and family members. The good news is, Jane is content with the direction of her life so far. She feels accomplished, fulfilled, and satisfied. She is in counseling to sort through her thoughts about whether or not to embark on a major move.

Source: Social Media and Healing of Memories | Psychology Today

Tech-savvy Singaporean consumers are enthusiastic about contacting organizations through a variety of channels as they would their family or friends – through video calls, social media or instant messenger, according to a new study from BT and Avaya.The study covered 5,500 respondents from over 10 countries, mainly consumers who do copious amounts of online research and investigation before making buying decisions, and prefer to interact with organizations on their own terms.

Source: 4 in 5 Singaporeans use social media for customer feedback | Customer | Enterprise Innovation