Very soon now, PlayStation 4 people will get to feast on chicken dinners of their very own.
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, will at long last makes it PS4 debut on Dec. 7. The game, which set off the whole “battle royale” craze and unquestionably inspired Fortnite, had previously been released for Windows, Xbox One, and Android/iOS.
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Pre-orders for the PS4 version of PUBG open on Nov. 13, with the game available in three different bundles. All three options come with bonus incentives that will no longer be available for purchase once the game is released in December. Read more…More about Entertainment, Gaming, Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Slim, and Playerunknown S Battlegrounds
Date/time: 14th November 2018, 03:01