The worst kind of snobs are salad dressing snobs. As anyone with *real tastebuds* knows, ranch dressing is the best kind of dressing. 
Thankfully for some of us, Hidden Valley is releasing a giant magnum bottle of ranch dressing just in time for the holidays.
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Call it a dumb corporate promotion if you want. I don’t care. There are thousands — perhaps even millions — of us out there who would love these enormous tubs of highly processed lard in their kitchen cabinet. 
This particular bottle will hold 1.75 liters of ranch dressing, as compared to the standard eight ounces. It currently retails for $25 online, and goes on sale December 3.  Read more…More about Watercooler, Salad, Holidays 2018, Culture, and Food
Date/time: 14th November 2018, 09:01