My goals

The coming years can go in 3 directions:

Search and selection

Find a solid search company and help them get a better grip on professionalism, and to offer the right services that the HR are looking after. This by creating a stronger social interaction with the clients, working more correctly to create “contact points” for the clients and taking the place as the experts in the market. A position next to the CEO developing the organisation.
Based in Singapore or Vietnam.

Senior HR level

Participate in building or strengthening a company in Asia by escalating to several countries – regional level, or by strengthening the organisation so that the company can better match the competition in Asia. HR can easily make bottom-line results. Based on one of the key countries in Asia.

HR Director

Work with a high-growth company that wants to scale to several countries globally, the focus can be on organisation development and results focused HR, this with reference to the CEO. Based in Asia or Europe.

What can I

I’ll try to explain my value in 3 areas; what can I “Bring To The Table”, “I Believe In” and “My Values”;

Bring to the table

  • 21 years of Human Resources Management expertise with operational operations, development, strategy and growth;
  • 11 years from Asia-Pacific: Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal;
  • 10 years from Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, German, France, Greece;
  • The focus has been both the daily HR tasks as well as shaping and implementing new Human Resources processes, which are made easy and better match the company’s needs;
  • HR digitisation, Change Management and transformation, productivity, cost-effectiveness and efficient processes.

I believe in

  • The requirement to meet customer needs is in focus;
  • Professionalism and factual knowledge is what makes us valuable;
  • Being able to absorb and adapt quickly is of high value;
  • Keywords as speed, engagement, simplicity, structure are essential;
  • The sense to communicate difficult questions simply;
  • Listen a lot to the customers, be careful of what we offer, do the market shift, and;
  • Local knowledge of the market and the characteristics of different nationalities values.

My values

  • The combination of Human Resources Management practical knowledge, both operational and strategic level;
  • Solid interest in Talent Managementthe selection process, focusing on raising the level significantly, is in the high seat;
  • High empathy level, good at balancing structure and innovation, communicates things at eye level, action and more action in focus, I indeed I know we can do it all;
  • Putting clear demands and works more closely with the team, creates involvement and commitment, shape a motivating and inspiring every day and lead, and;
  • Know, and see the sales value in shaping a professional, expert nature, to be up front.



Important notes about Asia

Vietnam has changed extraordinarily in the last 10 years, especially in the last 3 years. The education level matches the Singaporean level. (Nearly all Universities in Vietnam is advised or is sublets of Australian universities);

Cambodia is “on the paper” only growing 7-9% but the real growth is 35-45% a growth covered and also different related to the extremely high corruption level, so it’s covered.
Phnom Penh is as Singapore was 15 years ago today! Phnom Penh is the key area for recruitment.

The Johor Bahru area – Iskandar Malaysia (on the borders to Singapore) will soon accommodate over 15 million people (2019-2020), big parts are already finished. It will make the Singapore area to a 20 million citizens area, mainly Chinese people. Changi Airport Singapore is planning to build 2 new airports on Malaysian soil. A new easy legitimation passport system for boarder transferring is on the way;

Singapore continues to maximise the country. Remarkably, their education system and mental positive difference from the Chinese is a huge advantage behaviour pattern for the Singaporean they are more innovative and creative than the Chinese;

The Philippines is starting to get “more normal again”, and they still have some of the best employees in Asia. High English level;

China is still running huge changes in the countries, and most of them are not so visible, but they build big numbers of “megacities” in south China, why also the south China sea is important in the full pattern. Cities with the names: Nanning, Qinzhou, Zhanjiang, Yangjiang is growing with record speed, the same go around the production city Shenzen, and we see huge investments made in Jiangmen, Foshan, Guangzhou and Dongguan. Beijing and Shanghai are still growing. China is still “fighting with the concept Face. “Face” is a class of behaviours and customs operating (active) in the Chinese culture, associated with the morality, honour, and authority of an individual or group of individuals, and its image in social groups.

17 March 2018, the Chinese legislature reappointed Xi as president, now without term limits; Wang Qishan was appointed as vice president.
The following day Li Keqiang was reappointed premier and longtime allies of Xi Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia were voted in as vice-chairmen of the state military commission.

Difficult countries

  • It can be difficult to shape results in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunie it often requires you have a network in the Muslim community.
  • Bangladesh and Nepal are interesting marked, but it is a very different world to operate in, and it is pure local clients and on a low money level.

The key countries

Focus in Asia is in reality 26 countries. However, there are some countries where it is more difficult to achieve a sales result. My recommendation is to work with the countries named on the map by name.

East Asia

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Mongolia,

North Asia

Russia Russian Far East.

Southeast Asia

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • East Timor
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam.

South Asia

  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • British Indian Ocean Territory
  • India
  • Maldives
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka.

Understanding the HR World

Nearly all your meet in Asia do not understand what is in need for HR or they do not offer the clients what they need. It sounds easy, but not nearly no one offers it correctly and in the right time.

It turns out in several analyzes that selection is one of the HR Elements we are worth too, of all the 192 HR elements. In a huge analysis, they only reached a level Index 11. There are 89 of opportunities for improvement. In other words, it is an important message and mission in this area and an opportunity to move significantly the level up, what a possibility.

Typically, a company does not work with a headhunter simply because they do not think they match to the company. We can change that.

Just to focus on 4 elements:
(I’ll explain more when we talk next time)

External recruitment in headwinds

For some, it is undoubtedly a negative phrase, but for me, it is a unique opportunity to work differently and offer a concept that better meets the clients’ new wishes. It is true that all companies’ HR has looked at what one can solve internally, and use the external recruitment budgets for other HR work.
In other words, it is here that an HR Manager typically finds her/his money for HR work in demand.

There will always be room for the companies that manoeuvre in the changes a market gives and use these differences to create a foothold for new customers. And that is the opportunity I see related to the recruitment market.

The recruitment company often talk a lot about whether it is recruitment or it is a search process, but n the truth is, it is mostly the consultant who looks at this, the clients are much more interested in getting the candidate; how the recruiting company works, they are not so interest in.

At the same time, it should be noted that the vast majority of HR people do not want to make long-term agreements, this because the market has changed so much and one wants to be able to choose. So the best fight is to turn up the professionalism and shape other touchpoints with the clients. The target here is to be first in line and the one they choose when they need a recruitment/search company.

An extra bonus is that many of “the old guys” who started up the recruitment market in Asia in 1970-80-90 are now on the way home on a pension plan; like we will see the colossal amount of competitors who will close, as they don’t understand to adapt to the market changes. A survey in Q3 and Q4 showed that 67% of the emails on an email list where the receivers were listed recruiters, here was the email bounced back = the recruiter doesn’t work more for the company. It’s 67% on a 6-month timeframe!

Some key reports

The market 2019